Electronic dance is the trend that refuses to end

EDC Las Vegas photo by Keoni20 (Wikimedia Commons/ Creative Commons)

EDM lovers and rave fans are in luck because it doesn’t seem like the popularity of the EDM scene is slowing down anytime soon, in fact, it’s growing globally.

There’s always new talent, their music, tours and festivals premiering not only here in the United States, but all over the world. The industry seems to be growing despite criticisms and predictions otherwise.

In a May 2016 Forbes article, Bobby Owsinski said:

…Even though the U.S. market seems to have matured, other high-potential markets are only now in the early stages of development. Cuba, South America, Vietnam, the Philippines, and China have all seen huge electronic dance music festivals and clubs launched this year alone.

Many critics believes that this music and scene was a phase, but the current trend seems to prove otherwise.

Important to add here, in 2015, the EDM industry pulled in about $6.2 billion dollars. Impressive.

Many others have made the observance about EDM’s growing popularity, such as YourEDM’s article reporting on Google Trends’ proof that EDM is the only genre that has been steadily growing in the past decade. It’s the only genre that has shown positive growth in the past five years.

Another piece of evidence as to the growing popularity is the amount of festival goers attending some of the biggest EDM events in the U.S.

For example, this LA Times article says that 131,000 people attended the 3rd night of EDC Las Vegas, with a total of over 400,000 attendees for the entire weekend.

This festival is my favorite by far. I’ve have never felt more at home here and I know many others feel the same. Maybe this euphoric environment is part of the reason this culture is so popular.

Another huge festival in the U.S. that pulls in massive crowds is TomorrowWorld.

“The TomorrowWorld festival celebrated outside of Atlanta, Georgia, gathered 160,000 people from 75 countries in 2014, according to the organizers,” said Abel Alvarado of CNN in an article published in Oct. 2015.

Curious about how this upbeat, contagious music genre became so popular? Alvarado provided some of the history behind our favorite music in his article as well.

So good news is, those of us who LOVE this music and these events should have no fear of the scene disappearing. As long as the beats keep coming and we keep showing up to dance and spread good vibes, we’ll be able to keep the memories coming.



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